The Mutual Difference

When you have to choose – Pick a Mutual Friend

In these days of corporate big business, the human touch is often lost. That’s why people across the province turn to Ontario’s Mutual Insurance Companies. When they need insurance protection, they prefer to deal with a neighbour – not a stranger. L & A Mutual knows what it means to be a policyholder.

Insurance at Cost

Ontario’s Mutual Insurance Companies operate on a not-for-profit basis, unlike stock companies that have to provide shareholders with dividends from profit.

Leading Edge Products

Our innovative insurance products keep pace with changing needs. We can help you with your specific personal, business, and farm insurance needs.

Ownership by Policyholders

L & A Mutual Insurance Co. is 100% Canadian and owned solely by its policyholders. As a policyholder, you have voting rights on important decisions.

Directed by Policyholders

L & A Mutual Insurance Co. directors are policyholders elected by policyholders – your guarantee that the company is committed to the best interests of all policyholders.

Protected by the Mutual Family of Companies

L & A Mutual Insurance Co. may seem relatively small, yet it is backed by one of the world’s most financially secure insurance networks, Ontario Mutual Insurance companies – providing strength, stability, and expertise.

Guaranteed Protection For All

Ontario’s mutual insurance companies back each other through our jointly owned Guarantee Fund and Reinsurance Company. The assets of one company are completely backed by the assets of all the other member companies – complete financial stability for our policyholders.

Local Service From Your Neighbours

You will receive swift, courteous and knowledgeable help from people who raise their families alongside you. They’re aware of the changes happening in our community.