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Jesslyn Millen
Jesslyn Millen
Business Phone: 613-372-2980
Toll Free: 613-354-4810 x317

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Jesslyn Millen

I’m Jesslyn Millen, an agent at L&A Mutual Insurance! I was born and raised in Napanee and I’m a proud member of our Agricultural Community. Do you shy away from asking insurance questions because you don’t know where to start? Or what to ask? That’s where I can help. As an agent, I will take the time and effort to connect your insurance needs with what L&A Mutual can offer. I am happy to quote your home or farm, auto, as well as commercial insurance to show you that L&A Mutual is the best fit for you. Being an agent at L&A Mutual Insurance means being part of a truly local company… a team I am pleased to be a part of that has provided strength, stability and trust for over 140 years. So ask for Jesslyn Millen at L&A Mutual Insurance… I’m the agent for you!

Jesslyn Millen
Information Last Updated: Monday November 16, 2020